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Not yet ready for commitment

This is the first time that Justin has brought me to such a fancy restaurant. He told me to dress real nice for this date, that he was going to wear a suit and tie. I have to say, he looks quite handsome. He said that he had a surprise for me. Sometimes I like surprises, sometimes I don’t. I have a bad feeling about this one.

After we get our drinks, Justin takes my hand and starts telling me how much he loves me. Now he’s reaching into his coat pocket; he has a sappy smile on his face. Oh dear, is he going to propose to me?  I’m not ready to make that decision yet. Quick, I need a diversion.

I drop my fork.  As I bend down to pick it up, I pull hard on the tablecloth and spill our drinks. While Justin tries to clean up the mess, I push the button on a special apparatus that I have hidden under my shirt.  I cry out loudly “I’m cut!” The device shoots blood seemingly from my wrist;  it’s actually a hose and container filled with blood that I’ve been draining from myself for weeks, saving it for just such an occasion as this.   It sprays across the room all over Justin and the other diners.  While he is distracted, I set my napkin on fire with the candle.  I light the tablecloth, the draperies, and the coat of the lady next to us. That will teach her to wear fur.  The lady grabs her coat and throws it across the room, where it catches the fake potted trees on fire.

Everyone begins to scream and run.  The fire spreads as I light more napkins and tablecloths.  The room is engulfed in flames; the patrons trample each other in their haste to leave. More than one individual is lying on the floor, crushed by their fellow diner.  The sprinklers finally come on, we get soaked.

I run across the street, making sure that Justin is nowhere near me. I watch the building burn, sending a silent apology to the restaurant owner.

I’m just not ready to make that decision yet.


Naomi lives in beautiful, sunny Florida with the love of her life and a magical black cat. Her interests include dancing, drumming and creating healthy meals.  She reads voraciously and writes as much as time allows, surfacing intermittently to work, shop, cook and clean only when absolutely necessary.


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