A simple premise; a bold promise
To present one story per day, every day—providing exceptional authors with exposure and avid readers with first-rate fiction.

Welcome to Fiction365!

For almost three years an extraordinary collection of writers from all around the world contributed to what was our challenge:  to produce an exceptional piece of fiction, every day.

In that time we’ve published three novels and almost a thousand stories.

We’re not actively soliciting any new works (for that, we recommend visiting, but please feel free to browse our archive.  The tools are all in the right hand column.

You can browse by author (I’m Benjamin Wachs – feel free to look my short stories over).

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And more.  Our three novels, serialized into chapters, are also available.  They are:

City of Human Remains, by Darren Callahan:  A suspenseful, taut, thriller set in a near future.  81 children are missing from a city with cameras everywhere.  What does their disappearance mean – and can they be found again?

Hoodoo, by Caitlin Myers:  The story of 13-year-old Alice, a dancer and member of a converted Mormon family who believes God has told her to seduce and marry her guidance counselor.

The Flick, by Stuart Hopen:  What if you received a letter from the man who had been the love of your life … but you’d been hiding from?  What if he wanted to tell the story of your relationship as a movie?  What if it was a porno … and he wanted you to help write it?  What kind of letter would you send back?


It has been my pleasure to bring all this to you.  Good reading!