“The only reason you want to stay,” the cow started, “Is because the farmer doesn't eat dog.”

M for Master

After a long day of frolicking the farm dog walked into the farmhouse. He wanted to share his fun with his animal friends.

“Hello everyone,” said the farm dog.

The pig and the chicken turned to the farm dog, “Hello!”

“What’s going on?” said the farm dog. Not a moment later the farm dog noticed that piles of wood had been collected in the farm, and the piles of wood were being stacked and shaped into something.

“Wow, what’s that supposed to be?” said the farm dog.

“Well, if you must know.” said the pig. “It’s the beginnings of a rocket, we are planning our escape.”

The farm dog leaned against a wheelbarrow, “Escape? Escape from what?”

“You mean from where?” said the chicken “It’s about time we left the farm.”

“Leave?” said the farm dog “Why? Why leave?”

The pig shook his head, “Why not?”

“And where will you go?” said the farm dog.

“Anywhere,” said the chicken “Doesn’t matter, where ever we go we’d be free.”

“Free from what?” said the farm dog “The master feeds you, he takes care of you.”

“Master?” said the pig “Is that what you call him? He’s just a farmer.”

“No!” barked the farm dog. “He’s our master.”

“He ain’t no master of mine,” said the chicken. “I can’t wait to get out of here.”

“Same here,” said the pig “So how about you dog, you coming with us?”

“I have no reason to leave,” said the farm dog. “I’m well feed. Well housed. Well bathed. Well taken care of, and so are you.”

“That’s not freedom,” said the chicken.

“Sure ain’t.” said the pig.

“Why can’t you all walk away?” said the farm dog. “Why a rocket?”

“Too fat.” said the pig.

“Yeah, farmer feeds us a little too well.” said the chicken.

“Well I’m not going, I’m happy here.” said the farm dog.

From the back of the farmhouse came foot steps, first two then four. Then a voice spoke in a strong and commanding tone, it was the cow who had been silent for quite some time.

“The only reason you want to stay,” the cow started, “Is because the farmer doesn’t eat dog.”

There was a hush over the farmhouse. Not a feather dropped, not a cowbell rung. Only silence until the farm dog’s retort.

“So what?” said the farm dog. “Not my fault that the master doesn’t eat dog.”

“No it isn’t,” said the cow. “But can’t you understand why we’d want to leave? The farmer has eaten many of our friends and family, sure he bathes us and feeds us but that simply is not enough. Can’t you understand that we do not want to be eaten anymore? Don’t the chicken’s egg’s deserve to grow into chicks? Doesn’t the pig deserve a family? Don’t I deserve to keep the milk that I produce? And what of the other animals who reside here? Do they not deserve a sliver of freedom?”

The farm dog turned away from the animals and began a slow and steady walk towards the farmers home.

“Where are you going?” asked the cow.

“If you do not tear down the rocket by tomorrow,” said the farm dog “I will be forced to warn the master.”

“Traitor.” said the pig

“Traitor.” said the chicken.

The sheep, the turkey, the duck and all the other farm animals remained silent. So did the cow.

The next morning the animals tore down the rocket. They never spoke to the farm dog again.


Rickey Rivers Jr is an author of mostly flash fiction and short stories in various genres. He has been previously published in everydayfiction, flashesinthedark and fiction365.

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