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Today's Story by Darren Callahan

Someone knows the Why. Someone always knows the Why.

City of Human Remains – Chapter 60

|| Op-Ed Page, City 32 Daily News, November 2nd, 2097 ||

The following is excerpted from an opinion article written by Boxer Rodriguez, Senior News Editor of City 32 Daily News, the city’s most prestigious newspaper.

…I’ve lost faith in the government of Franco Cocanaugher.  I’ve lost faith in its institutions – the police, the searchers, the Media (yes, even the flash editions), and especially the Doll Weather System.  There’s enough misery in 2097 without the needless deaths of children.  So is it possible that these kidnappings were for a greater purpose?  Someone knows the Why.  Someone always knows the Why.  If any more dead children are found, it will take every ounce of human reasonableness to prevent the city from going up in flames.

We need answers.

Where are they?

When will they be home?

Who is responsible?

Who will save them if we are powerless?

These questions are on every parent’s mind, on every citizen’s mind.  These doubts cut to heart of who we are as a city, to who we are underneath…”