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Today's Story by Darren Callahan

It was as if Halloween had been purposefully blotted from our minds.

City of Human Remains – Chapter 40

|| City 32 Daily, Page 40 ||

Letter to the editor, City 32 Daily, Nov. 1, 2097.

I never write letters.  I only complain to friends.  But last night, I decided I would write to your Opinions column in the hopes that you will publish this in the morning edition.

Where I grew up (a small town in Ohio), Halloween was a big event.  Children went door-to-door for candy, dressed in all manner of costumes.

I’m used to the city being thin on children each Beggar’s Night.  Most only come to city-sponsored events where things are chaperoned and safe.  On Halloween night, though, I’ve gotten used to catching at least a few ghosts, goblins, and vampires at my door and daring me to, ‘Trick or treat.’

But tonight, no one knocked.  My street was empty.  The sun went down and there wasn’t a single child on the street.

I’ve known Halloweens with bitter cold and rain.  I’ve known Halloweens with high winds and early snow.  Nothing would keep the children away.  Last night, with all the recent Doll System malfunctions, the weather was actually perfect.  And still no children came.

The event went by without a single comment from your paper.  It was as if the holiday had been purposefully blotted from our minds.

I understand that there are children missing.  I’m not a parent, and I know I may sound insensitive.  But to keep the children away from parks, and fun, and Beggar’s Night is just not right.  Parents are robbing everyone of everything.  I’m in my 60s now.  I don’t have many Halloweens left.  To keep the children boxed up – that’s a great crime.

Maybe now that Alek Serkan is caught and no more kids have gone missing things will return to normal.  But normal isn’t happening fast enough.

It’s the parents who are doing it in our over-protective age.  We’re not missing every child in the city, are we?  Hundred of thousands weren’t touched!

For you parents: don’t punish children who have done nothing wrong.  It makes me want to cry.