Today's Story by James Hutchings

It's an adaptation ofHeaven

The Producer

A Hollywood producer dreamed that he died, and found himself in a lake of fire.

“I’m in Hell!” he cried in dismay.

“No, this is Heaven,” said a red, horned figure who poked him with a pitchfork. “We’ve done a gritty reboot.”

“Don’t gimme that crap! This is Hell!”

“It’s an adaptation of Heaven. Faithful to the original, but more relevant to today’s audience.”

“Well I don’t like it. Can I try Hell?”

“Sure, I guess.”

With that the lake of fire disappeared. The producer found himself standing on a cloud, in a city of marble and gold. All around him were winged film critics with golden iPads,  wailing and cursing their fate.

“How come you’re wailing?” he asked.

“Because this was made by Hollywood,” said a critic. “The original European Hell was so much more enjoyable.”

This story is, of course, fiction. No one in Hollywood has dreams.


James Hutchings lives in Melbourne, Australia. He mostly writes fantasy and science fiction. His blog,, is updated daily.


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